M-1 working on Fedor vs. Monson TV deal

M-1 Global is gangster, I mean it, and not in the Russian Mob kinda way (our legal council has recommended we do not mention M-1 GLobal and the Russian Mob together for a number of reasons) I mean in a, “We will do and say whatever we want to.” Kinda way. Definitely not anything like the Russian Mob, definitely not like them at all.

The M-1 Global ‘organization’ is trying to work Showtime (if you remember, when Zuffa let Fedor go, they famously stated ‘our contract is with Showtime, not Zuffa) for another MMA show (not including the one they have scheduled on Showtime October 14th), this one featuring Fedor’s return after his 3 consecutive losses, against Jeff Monson. A fight which does nothing for either’s rankings, but Jeff Monson is a ‘name’ fighter with enough skills and history to pose a real threat on paper (I personally think they are underestimating Jeff, believing him to be a ‘can’ for Fedor to crush) if not in the cage. It’s a deal I can’t see an upside of. How does this card benefit Showtime? The answer, like all The M-1 Global ‘organization’ maneuvers events, it only benefits them.

From FCFighter.com

 “We’re still in talks with Showtime as well as several other possibilities to show this fight in North America,” M-1 Global’s Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan told FCF today. “I guess there’s not a huge amount of time left to do a deal, so maybe within two or three week’s we will have something sorted, but everything is continuing. I think it’s very likely that the bout will be live in North America, albeit, very early on the Sunday morning in the U.S., especially on the West Coast.”

Several other possibilities? I doubt that. Unless cable access can be considered ‘other possibilities’. And if that does’t work (why would anyone think that it wouldn’t work?) There is this.

Also from FCfighter.com

“Through the web, people will for sure be able to see that fight,” Kogan added. “For television, I can’t guarantee it at the moment, but through the internet there will be some sort of pay-per-view option for people to watch.”

I’d say it’s a good idea for  The M-1 Global ‘organization’ to have a backup plan in place, just in case Showtime decides they don’t want to be strong armed show a fight at 7am/10am Sunday respectively with a suspect3 time loser recently dethroned Heavy Weight fighter with limited US drawing power and appeal.

Finally, The M-1 Global ‘organization’ had this to say regarding Fedor’s future. Re read that sentence again, ponder it, are we on the same page yet? Okay, time to move on.

From FCFighter.com regarding FEG”s New Year’s Eve Show in Japan:

“Should everything go okay in this fight, Fedor’s next fight will happen at the end of the year, hopefully in Japan,” Kogan said. “That’s what we’ve been discussing.”

“It’s a possibility, It’s not a done deal yet but it’s in talks that it might happen.”

Hey look at that, they are already sending the lamb to slaughter setting up Fedor for a big bout in Japan, before he even finishes his bout with Monson, way to go The M-1 Global ‘organization’, way to go. It looks like Fedor’s The M-1 Global ‘organization’ best intentions are in mind again.

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