March Contest #2: Tri Coasta Photo Caption Contest

This contest is closed. The winner is Shane K! Thank you all for playing.


In honor of Joker Guymon winning his first bout at 155 lbs and his first bout coming out of retirement, we are running a Photo Caption Contest. Joker Guymon is the man. If you were at BAMMA USA’s BadBeat 5 then you know what I’m talking about. After a tough 1st round, Joker came out and showed us why he’s back.


Below is a photo (click on the photo for bigger view) from his first fight back, the idea is simple, give me a funny photo caption for the photo and the best one (decided by a group of drunk comedians) wins a TriCoasta Shirt and Cojones Energy drink.


The rules are simple, in the comments section leave your best photo caption for the photo, the funniest, most inventive etc. etc. wins. No sh!t talking, you know what’s appropriate and what’s not, if you cross the line, your comment will be deleted and you won’t be entered in the contest, it’s that simple. One entry per person. Be creative.


The deadline is March 31st by midnight. That’s midnight in California.


1 Tri Coasta Shirt (don’t worry, it’s very cool) and Cojones Energy drink. And if you are very very nice, I may be able to get Joker to autograph the shirt as well, not a guarantee, but pretty darn close.

Legal Stuff:

MMA Rants Today reserves the right to alter the rules, cancel the contest, change our minds or just get drunk. Prizes will be shipped to the winners within 20 days. March Photo Caption Contest is open to everyone, yup, everyone. No exchanges of prizes for cash, it’s the prize or nothing.

Rumble young man Rumble