Matt Hughes was one of the most dominant champs the UFC has ever seen, he’s also one of the original champs, along with Tito Ortiz. This Fuel TV special is pretty good so far. In it we find out that the UFC had actually cut him once. If you are an old skool fan, you know this. What you may not know is, Matt Hughes rarely trained properly, if at all for his fights. Pat Miletich tells a story about finding Hughes at his brother’s farm putting a new roof on, days before a title fight. Pat had gotten worried because he hadn’t seen Matt for a couple weeks and was worried about his training. Matt’s explanation, the roof needed fixing and they couldn’t afford to pay someone, so he did it himself…instead of training for his title bout. He won by the way. Pat Miletich has said, that if Matt trained the way GSP or any of the other top level guys in the sport did/do, he could have been the most dominant champ in the history of the sport…something to think about.