Maximo Blanco loses StrikeForce debut, moves to UFC at 145lbs

Maximo Blanco stepped in sh!t and came out smelling like roses. According to his management at Sucker Punch, he is off the Strikeforce roster after his defeat at the hands of Pat Healy on Saturday, and on the UFC roster as a flyweight. How incredible is that? The man loses a fight in Strikeforce, and ends up with a contract in the UFC. I won’t complain, I feel Maximo is better suited in the flyweight class than the lightweight class. Just take a look at his highlight reel above. The man is a true beast. Like Marlon Sandro (despite his defeat by Curran) Maximo belongs in the UFC facing the best flyweights in the world. Hell, I would like to see him drop to 135 even. His speed, power and deliberately strange striking style is what the 145 and 135lb weight classes need.

Pat Healy did Maximo a service. By losing to a bigger, stronger opponent, Maximo gets to move to a more natural weight class, fight bigger matches, win bigger paydays and gain more exposure. It’s a win, win, win!

Here’s Pat Healy talking about his win over Blanco.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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