May Rant With Us Contest


You read us cause you like rants, well, this is your chance to Rant With Us for a  For the Warrior Within You prize pack. Submit a rant, or multiple rants and we will pick the best one. If that’s you, then you win. It’s as easy as pouring a shot. What are you waiting for, read the rules, then Rant Wit Us!


Rant With Us. Pure and simple, got a Rant, post it HERE and you will be entered into our contest. You can enter as many times as you like, the judging criteria is based upon comments, topic, if it gets over 80 degrees in California, how much Sailor Jerry is left in the office and if we like the cut of your jib. Post an entertaining rant and you could be the winner. 


The deadline is June 31st by midnight. That’s midnight in California.


A For the Warrior Within You Signed MMA Glove (Signed by Bellator Fighter and legend Giva ‘The Arm Collector’ Santana) 1 Warrior Within You Hat and Cojones Energy drink.

Legal Stuff:

MMA Rants Today reserves the right to alter the rules, cancel the contest, change our minds or just get drunk. Prizes will be shipped to the winners within 20 days (give or take 20 days, we have a very ghetto post office by us). June Rant With Us Contest is open to everyone, yup, everyone. No exchanges of prizes for cash, it’s the prize or nothing.

Rumble young man Rumble