Maybe now, we’ll get to see what Faber can do…

UF_wo_RI_GoD_150One of the more frustrating parts of watching Urijah Faber has been seeing him come into the WEC light years ahead of everybody and then watching him lose UFC title fights while the division caught up with him.

Even more than Dominick Cruz, Renan Barao presents a perfect opponent to Faber, equalling him (and perhaps surpassing him) in every area of combat. Striking? They’re both incredible strikers, capable of catching an opponent and ending their night. Grappling? One mistake and either one can capitalize and end the fight.

It’s like Urijah has fought through the levels in his own Game of Death and is now at the top, facing a deadly version of himself.

The last time they fought, Barao cracked Faber’s ribs and the whole fight changed. Faber fought through the pain, but it was clear he was not the same.

Now, after working his way back up through the division, we may get to see what Faber can do without injury against Renan Barao. Faber’s had some extra fight tape to review, and maybe he picked up Barao’s tendencies or at least what he does right before unleashing a rib-cracking kick…

Can the California Kid finally get a belt? Can’t wait to see what happens!