Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem

You, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, have made it into our Hall of Shame. Didn’t anybody tell you not to put people in headlock’s, especially your sister at a party in another state, when your hair is that color! In some states, that hair means you have no rights. Just saying. That’s some ol’ Kobe bullsh!t! Assault and false imprisonment, thanks sis.

Of course there could be a very good reason for this misunderstanding, his sister could have been drunk and he didn’t want her to drive, so he put her in a headlock and she got pissed and called the cops. This happened last week by the way, no response from the UFC or Dana White regarding this one, which means, they don’t know (until now) or don’t view it as a big deal. Not like the Brett Rogers debacle. It’s a good sign they haven’t made any moves yet, or…it just occurred to me, they might have wanted to keep it low until after the Fox announcement. Well, I’ve gone and confused myself, it’s like watching the new Star Wars movies all over again…just confusing and quite pathetic. We will keep you posted as more info is released.

From TMZ:

UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested last week for assault … TMZ has learned — after the fighter allegedly put his sister into a headlock and refused to let her go.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, Miller and his sis were at some house party in North Carolina — when his sister decided she wanted to take off.

According to law enforcement, Jason’s sister claims he wouldn’t let her leave — and put her into a headlock.

We’re told Jason’s sister managed to escape and notified the Chatham County Sheriff– who had Jason arrested later that evening for simple assault and false imprisonment.

Jason has since posted bail and been released. Several calls to both Jason and his sister were not returned.

Mayhem is the current coach on The Ultimate Fighter opposite Michael Bisping, with a scheduled fight against Bisping in the coming months. Mayhem was a StrikeForce fighter, but due to the infamous brawl he started on CBS following Jake Shields win over Hendo, he was banned from all CBS properties, including Showtime. Zuffa decided he was worth picking up for the UFC due to his popularity stemming from his MTV show Bully Beatdown. Depending on how things turn out, he may be Bellator or MFC’s newest employee.

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