Mayhem Miller: Church Time

From the LA Times:

Mixed martial arts fighter and reality TV show host Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested Monday on suspicion of burglary after deputies found him dozing naked on a couch in an Orange County church. Miller, 31, was released from Orange County Jail early Tuesday after posting $20,000 bail, jail records show. The pastor of Mission Viejo’s Mission Hills Church called authorities shortly after 9 a.m. when he discovered a break-in, said Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino. The first floor was ransacked — broken pictures and books were strewn across the floor — and the walls had been spray-painted. A fire extinguisher had been set off, leaving a trail of residue that led deputies to the second floor. That’s where they found Miller, Amormino said, who was naked and “dozing” on a couch.

“When they asked him his name, he kept saying, ‘Mayhem, Mayhem,'” Amormino said. “They didn’t know who he was — they thought he was being uncooperative.”

Miller was arrested without incident and taken to the hospital ward at the Orange County Jail, where he was evaluated and “deemed OK for booking,” Amormino said. He was booked on suspicion of burglary but could face additional vandalism charges, Amormino added.

This is a bizarre crime (on the Rampage Jackson level of weird) thankfully no one was hurt. Mayhem needs his friends and family, the UFC possibly even, to step in and offer support on whatever level is required to get Mayhem back on the right path. Mayhem has a ton of talent. He’s fought for years to create a huge fanbase, had a hit Cable TV show and is doing pretty well as a stand up comedian. All of that is most likely gone, at least for awhile. Being Naked in a church tends to really F23K up your image and keep most companies from touching you with a ten foot pole.

From my understanding, this was in the works for sometime, the downward spiral isn’t a surprise to some, it didn’t help that he went bonkers on Twitter, going so far as to tell Dana White to kill himself. Dana spoke about the twitter exchange after the UFC 15o, saying:

He sent that tweet, I tweeted back, and I was joking. And as the tweeting went on, you saw – that kid’s on medicine, he has some issues, and the last thing I want to do is have that kid more bummed out and depressed than he already is. He started talking like a jackass on Twitter, so I blasted him back. Now I kind of wish I didn’t.

I’m sure he’s not going through a very good time right now, no matter how much he wants to say he is. A guy like Jason, he’s one of those nutty-type guys. Has he always been my favorite fighter? No. A lot of the antics that he does, I’m not a fan of (and) I don’t like – the pink boas and all that kind of stuff. I like guys that are serious and guys that come in to fight hard and win. But I don’t hate Jason Miller or wish any ill will to the kid. Whatever he has moved on to in the next chapter of his life, I hope he’s successful, and I hope he does well.

We cracked some jokes about Mayhem on twitter yesterday, and will continue to crack light hearted jokes, because Jason is a stand up comedian now, and that’s how comics treat each other, it’s part of the bond, there is no ‘off limits’ we go for the throat. So Jason, welcome to the club, get better, stay clothed and avoid churches.

This item is making the rounds, it was a closing story on all of the major networks news programs, the teaser story the don’t show until the end so the viewers watch the whole crappy news hour. See below.

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