Miesha Tate talks emotional distance

Our respect level for Miesha Tate has gone up considerably. Despite changing her nickname to ‘Cupcake’. We were already fans. Her fight with Rousey was exciting, but her fight with Julie Kedzie may have been the final factor in changing Dana White’s mind about a women’s division in the UFC.

Miesha is keeping it real, as the rappers would say, and we always defer to the wisdom of rappers (RIP Biggie, Mosberg, Tupac, ODB, Heavy D and Jam Master Jay). After her night stealing fight, Miesha talked about her passion not being there, it’s a very emotionally honest statement from one of the sports top women. This type of honesty is what draws us to fighters like Roy Nelson, Nick and Nate Diaz and the newly likeable Tim Sylvia.

Miesha Tate:

“I didn’t feel the passion and fire I felt in all my previous fights. I felt out of my element, I didn’t feel normal in there whatsoever. It was very strange, it was not a feeling I enjoyed and not something I want to experience again, I don’t really know what my next step is here. Even when I was when lined up with Julie, across the cage, I was like, ‘Is this really happening right now? Am I really here? Am I really in this fight?’ I felt like I was kind of just in this twilight zone. I did not like that. It’s not how I normally feel, not how emotions really run. Normally I’m excited to be there, I’m amped and pumped, and I felt little to nothing, and I mean, she literally elbowed me and got my lip really good and I was like ‘ehh, whatever.’ She kicked me in the face, ‘ehh, whatever,’ It was not, it wasn’t a normal circumstance for me I don’t know why that is but I’m asking myself a lot of questions. I think I need to take a step back, relax a minute, and evaluate it. I need to find a way to fire myself up again and get that passion, because I know there’s so much I still want to accomplish in MMA. I absolutely want to fight Ronda Rousey twice, but at this point, you know, mentally and emotionally, I’m not right. I shouldn’t be getting into the cage if I’m not going into it wholeheartedly for this fight. It’s hard for me to admit that, but that’s the honest truth. I didn’t feel like it for this fight like I did for other fights. I don’t know how to explain that, I guess it’s something I just have to figure out at this point.”

Miesha’s in a place many of us have been in our lives, doing something we love and not finding the fullfillment anymore. It may be a case of ‘time will fix it’ or it may be the end of her career. We won’t know for a few months, but we suspect Miesha will be back with a fire sonner than later, in the meantime look for more modeling photos and media interest in the lovely fighter now known as Cupcake.

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