Mighty Mouse vs. The Energizer Bunny

Demetrius ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson vs. Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles have been announced as upcoming bouts. The first is for UFC on Versus 6, the second is for UFC 139. Why can’t they be on the same night?! AAAAGHHHH, I’m looking forward to both of these fights!

The one thing that hit me is, the title fight is not a PPV, it’s free for cable subscribers. Meanwhile, the challenger fight for #1 contender is a PPV. Coincidence? I think not: Faber draws, Cruz does not, simple as that.

That has got to be a blow to Cruz’s pride: he wins his title fight against Faber, then gets demoted to Versus. Faber loses to Cruz, and gets a main event or co-main event status on a PPV.

That reminds me of a supervisor I once had. He got pissed off and punched out our manager, then after his suspension, got promoted to the manager’s position—the position of the guy he had previously knocked out! He got a promotion for failing at his job! See some similarities here?

Faber failed and got promoted; Cruz won and got demoted. Hmmmm.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.