Miguel Torres back in the UFC!

After weeks of relentless fan support, Miguel Torres is back in the UFC.

Originally dropped because of a December 8th tweet of a joke about a “rape van” that he couldn’t explain adequately to UFC brass, Miguel apologized, noting that it wasn’t a joke that was aligned with who he is as a family man, a father and a teacher.

According to UFC president Dana White, Torres has donated to a rape victim’s center, volunteered and taken sensitivity training. White said at a press conference promoting the Dec. 30th UFC 141 event in Las Vegas that Torres showed remorse and had “handled his business like a man.”

The former WEC Champion and fan favorite has taken this opportunity to grow and improve himself, according to posts on his website.

After reviewing hundreds of his tweets dating back to summer, I found Torres to be about what you’d expect from a young man who’s pursing the UFC championship: He’s funny, at times self-effacing but mostly very confident, outgoing and opinionated. I would place his Twitter activity as about 25% humor (his own tweets and re-tweets), 35% MMA (his career, thanking his training partners, comments on and to other fighters), 20% about his students and training center and 20% his daughter and family. Overall, he strikes me as a good guy, with a Maxim sense of humor.

With the recent UFC on Fox deal about to fully bloom once the new year begins, there’s more pressure than ever on Zuffa, and Dana White. Recent comments by Rashad Evans and a tweet from Forrest Griffin have ruffled the feathers of the organization. But in both of those cases, the fighter was retained. This caused many to cry foul when Torres was let go.

One wonders if the other fighters’ comments were brought up to Dana by Fox executives, which made him more sensitive than normal when Miguel tweeted? Even if that wasn’t the case, in no circumstance is rape humorous and as a business in the public eye, Dana must have felt compelled to act.

After his release was announced, fans bombarded the UFC and Dana White’s twitter with calls to reinstate Torres. The amount of support for this fighter had to have been surprising for the organization, which is known for making moves that it deems right in the face of criticism.

In a tweet announcing his return to the UFC, Torres acknowledged the outcry from his fans upon his release, thanking them for their support:

“Thanks to my family, friends, supporters, fans, @GlennAuthentic, @DanaWhite, & @LorenzoFertitta. I’m back.”

 While we at MMA Rants Today don’t condone any of the tweets that got Torres in trouble, we are glad he’s back in the fold at the UFC and look forward to great things from this explosive, talented fighter.