Miguel Torres out of UFC again,Titan FC Debut Nov. 2nd

Remember when Miguel Torres was the king of the Bantamweights? Those where the years, well time has taken it’s toll and Miguel has been on a losing skid, plus he had some Twitter issues awhile back, well he’s once again been released by the UFC. It’s strange news since he’s gone 2-2 and is a fan favorite. Speculation is that his new ‘safer’ fighting style and his previously mentioned Twitter issues led to this release. Who knows what the reasons are, the fact remains that he’s out and Titan FC is set to reap the benefits.

Not only will Titan reap the benefits, but so will the fans. Expect Miguel to have a new found fire in his quest to make it back to the big leagues. Miguel will make his promotional debut November 2nd, no opponent has been named at this point. As soon as we know who gets the provelage of facing Torres, we will let you know.

Rumble young man Rumble