Mir’s Night! Submits Nogueira!

As impressive as Jon Jones’ submission victory was at UFC 140, Frank Mir did something even more impressive: submitted a Nogueria via Kimura, breaking Big Nog’s arm in the process.

Although Mir outweighed Nog by well over 20 pounds, it was clear from the beginning that Minotauro came to fight: he was the aggressor early, coming off a spectacular knock-out of Brendan Schaub at UFC Brazil, outstriking Mir and sending him backwards with combinations, good clutch fighting and a right that seemed to surprise Mir.

It seemed Mir was not right at the outset: he was not moving fluidly and appeared to be impaired, perhaps by a cold or flu. He was not the same Mir that took on Roy Nelson and Cro Cop. He has a bad habit of starting slow in fights that has led to losses in the past, but this seemed different.

After surviving the initial onslaught from Nogueira, Mir, wobbled and dropped to his knees, got out of Nogueira’s choke attempt to get top position. As the two grappled, possibly the top two heavyweights in the UFC at Jiu-Jitsu, Mir got the Kimura, and as they rolled, Mir twisted it deeper. Minotauro had to have known what was coming next, and may reveal his thinking in the future, but didn’t tap.

The UFC’s cameras caught a perfect angle on the arm as it snapped, breaking toward the shoulder. They replayed it many times in the PPV broadcast, causing as many turned heads as fascinated viewers. (I alternated between turning away and watching…)

Mir noted his singular achievement: “Now I’m the first person to knock him out and the first one to submit him.”

With this win, Mir has to be considered in the title hunt and with Dos Santos recovering from his knee injury and rumors of an opening at the end of the year, we may see Mir again very soon…