MMA in Canada just got more interesting

Oh, to be Canadian. MMA in Canada is booming, MFC is doing great business, and promotions are popping up daily. Sure most of t he promotions are 1 and done, but they are trying. The number of MMA shows in 2011 for Canada was astounding. If you’re and ammy or newly minted pro Canada is a good place to build a record fast. To make things better in the Promotion landscape, promotions are starting to merge and/or buyout each other. The results, aside from less promotions, is hopefully, stronger promotions with more capital, more shows and higher caliber fighters.

From their Press Release:

Edmonton, Alberta (Canada): The landscape of MMA in Canada has just shifted course with three dominant MMA organizations in Western Canada merging to create the single largest MMA organization in Canada, which will know be known as Aggression Fighting Championships. Aggression MMA, Armageddon Fighting Championships, and AX Combat have now pooled their efforts in providing the best shows available to Canadian MMA fans under this new banner, which will now hold between nine and eleven fight events per year, with shows taking place in Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, and Victoria, British Columbia – with expansion plans slated for the latter half of 2012.

Rumble young man Rumble