Superior Cage Combat 3 went down Friday November 4th.  Hopefully it will get aired somewhere soon.  If you live in the Las Vegas area and are a fan of MMA, you NEED to come to their NEXT event January 20th 2012.  We have some EXCELLENT photos from EVERY fight at the bottom, and you may notice a weird picture of myself and Alistair Overeem.  The story behind that is I asked him for a photo for the site…he said yes but asked if I could crouch down…I said if I was going to crouch down we should do the stereotypical jailhouse pose…he thought it was a funny idea and obliged.  That’s the story.  Thanks to Sean Anderson for taking all these great shots for MMABADASS.COM.

Kui Goncalves vs Shorty Weikel– Round 1) The fight began with some good exchanges back and forth until Kui shoots in for a take down and gets it.  Shorty escapes and the two exchange some more, but no one seemed to get the best of the stand up.  Shorty shoots in for his OWN take down and is successful.  During the ground battle Shorty landed a 12-to-6 elbow, and the action was stopped.  The ref took a point away from Shorty and when the action re-started, the two seemed to be throwing with some bad intentions.  Kui lands another take down and is able to move to mount, but the round ends before Kui could do any real damage.

Round 2) The second round begins and Shorty comes out right away and shoots in for a take down, and ends up in side control.  Kui gets Shorty back into his guard.  Shorty begins his Tito Ortiz impression by G&P’ing Kui with elbows to the FACE.  Kui turns and gives up his back…Shorty is able to sink in the RNC, Kui taps fight over.

Cameron Diffley vs Sidney Silva– Round 1) Before this fight began, I was thinking this was going to be a great ground battle.  The two briefly exchange and Cameron lands a take down.  Cameron is able to get to side control, but Silva is able to get Cameron back into his guard.  Silva goes for a triangle, but Cameron defends perfectly.  Cameron quickly transitions to an arm-bar…Silva is defending and Cameron adjusts, gets better control of Silva’s wrist, and Silva taps.  Fight over in the first.  Great performance by Cameron Diffley.

Shawn Fitzsimmons vs Blas Avena– Round 1) The bell sounds and these two come out swinging…And I mean throwing heavy leather.  Shawn briefly stuns Blas and drops him, but Blas pops right back up.  It looks like these two are gunning for the FOTN bonus.  Blas shoots in for a take down but Fitzsimmons defends and begins to out-strike Avena.  Blas is tiring and Shawn wins the round.

Round 2) The second round picks up right where the first left off.  Shawn lands a take down…Blas is gassed.  Shawn stands up though…looks like he wants to strike.  The action is briefly stopped when Fitzsimmons mouth piece falls out from an Avena punch.  When the action resumes the two fighters find themselves battling up against the cage.  Fitzsimmons is PUNISHING Avena up against the cage.  The ref is preparing to stop the fight.  Blas is taking A LOT of punishment, and the ref steps in to save Blas from taking anymore damage.  Blas never went down, but he was NOT defending himself…TKO victory for Shawn Fitzsimmons in round 2.

Dave Terrel vs Phil Dace– This is a rematch from SCC 1, after a controversial TKO stoppage in which Dace was the winner.  Round 1) The two come out showing a lot of respect, circling and feeling each other out.  Out of nowhere Dave Terrel EXPLODES with RUNNING punches and then lands a take down.  Dace was able to get back to his feet only to get taken down again.  Terrel was able to get Dace’s back, but Dace stands and shakes Terrel off.  The round ends with both men throwing leather.

Round 2) Terrel comes out and shoots for a take down…He transitions to Dace’s back, but Dace stand with Terrel on his back.  Phil begins to shake Terrel off and slips out the back and comes down in Terrel’s half guard.  Dace is able to get Terrel’s back, Terrel is gassed and is saved by the bell.

Round 3) Phil Dace comes out and lands a take down this time, and he is able to control Terrel on the ground.  Dace is transitioning to dominant positions seemingly at will.  The entire round plays out like this, with Phil Dace controlling the ground game and G&P’ing Dave Terrel.  Phil Dace grinds out a 3 round decision.  Tough fight.

Lance Wipf vs Shane Nelson– Round 1) Lance comes out and lands an early take down…Shane attempts a guillotine but Lance escapes.  Lance is just controlling Nelson with his top game.  Shane can NOT get up, but Lance is really doing much damage on top.  It looks very frustrating for Nelson, and the round ends with Lance on top…Shane wasn’t able to do any damage, but Lance didn’t do much damage either.

Round 2) Shane starts round two by trying to engage Lance in a striking battle, but Lance quickly takes Shane down again.  Shane then sweeps Lance and stands up in Lance guard and begins to G&P.  Lance suddenly grabs his knee and rolls to his side…Shane begins to pound Lance but the ref jumps in and stops the fight.  It appears that Lance hurt his knee while Shane was standing in his guard.  Lance needs to be helped up and helped out of the cage to the locker rooms.  Shane wins via second round TKO.

Francisco Alves vs Alonzo Martinez– Round 1) Both guys come out swinging, throwing heavy leather.  Alves strikes first with a take down…, but it’s quickly reversed by Martinez.  It’s a back and forth round with both guys unable to gain the upper hand on the other.  Very tough round to score.

Round 2) The second round starts off much like the first with back and forth striking.  Alonzo scores a take down and starts dropping HEAVY G&P.  Francisco is able to get up and force a clinch.  Seemingly out of nowhere from a clinch position Alves scoops up Martinez and slams him…The entire Orleans arena “OOOO’s”.  Francisco is then able to get dominant position on the ground.  Bell sounds, I think Francisco took this round.

Round 3) Francisco comes out and scores a take down.  There’s not a lot going on on the ground…the crowd is getting restless.  Mazzagatti stands them up and the crowd agrees.  Alves goes for ANOTHER take down, and another…not much happening as both men are a little tired.  Bell sounds…slow fight.  Francisco Alves wins a 3 round decision…first slow fight of the evening.

Dominique Robinson vs Steve Lopez– Round 1) It starts off slowly, but Steve Lopez was definitely landing the better of the shots.  At the end of the round however, Robinson catches Lopez with a hard shot that cut Lopez.

Round 2) This round had some controversy…Lopez comes out and lands a take down right away.  Steve was on top but had Robinson pinned up against the cage but on his but…Robinson was elbowing Lopez and landed a 12-to-6 elbow.  The action was stopped and a point was taken.  Since Lopez had the dominant position, they re-started in the same position since Lopez was the one fouled AND had the dominant position, but as soon as the action re-started, it appeared that Robinson landed ANOTHER 12-to-6 elbow, the action this time was NOT stopped and there was some confusion as both fighters were speaking with the ref.  So the round became a 10-8 for Lopez.

Round 3) Robinson comes out and scores a take down right off the bat.  Lopez is able to get back to his feet…Then there’s A LOT of back and forth action…tough round to score, but it ends with Lopez pushing Robinson up against the cage.  Tough tough fight to score, especially with the point deducted in the second.  The fight ends in a draw and the BOO BIRDS swoop in on the Orleans arena.

James McSweeney vs Emanuel Newton– Round 1)McSweeney looks PISSED!  Fight starts off with both fighters showing respect…feeling out process.  McSweeney made me think I was back in my college days at batting practice…he landed some leg kicks that CRACKED throughout the arena.  Newton lands a take down…McSweeney goes for a leg lock but Newton was able to escape…but it looked bad for a second.  Newton begins to rain down some G&P, and eventually ends up taking McSweeney’s back, sinks in the RNC, and McSweeney taps out.

Brisotl Marunde vs Jay Silva– Round 1) Jay Silva lands a spinning back kick early in the round that sent Bristol back and would have sent me into the 5 row.  Bristol recovers quickly and lands a take down.  He works hard for dominant position and was hunting for a Kimura…the ground is clearly Bristol’s world in this fight.

Round 2) Silva comes out looking to land that spinning back kick again but Marunde sees it coming and side steps it.  Silva throws a low leg kick and Marunde counters beautifully with an overhand right.  Bristol then takes Jay down, but Jay is able to get back to his feet and starts landing some bombs.  Bristol’s hurt and begins to slow, but as the bell sounds Bristol throws his hands up as if to say “I’m fine!”

Round 3) Silva is NOT respecting Bristol’s stand up at all, by doing his best Roy Jones Jr. impression…hands down shucking and jiving.  They end up right in front of me and Silva lands a BIG knee and cuts Marunde bad.  Blood began pouring before Silva’s foot went back down.  Marunde is an F’n warrior!  He takes Silva down with a BIG slam AFTER taking that knee, the crowd reacts…Bristol is the fan favorite.

Round 4) Marunde lands a big right early in the championship round…Silva’s hands stay up now.  The action is slowing and the crowd is booing.  Bristol shoots in and lands a take down…not much happening on the ground and the ref ends up standing them up…Not much happening in the fourth but IMO Bristol is ahead on the scorecards.

Round 5) Brisotl comes out and lands a take down.  It looks to me like he’s working from top position but the ref stands them up again.  Jay Silva lands a big shot but Bristol has a granite chin…They end up on the ground and Silva takes Bristol’s back…Marunde escapes back to his feet…Jay shoots again and is working for a take down up against the cage.  Bristol uses the whizzer to spin out…then he begins working for the take down and gets it.  Bristol finishes the round on top G&P’ing Jay Silva.  The crowd is cheering…they know who won.  Bristol Marunde is SCC’s FIRST EVER champion in ANY division.  Ladies and Gentlemen…The Superior Cage Combat MW champion Bristol Marunde.

John Alessio vs Luiz Firmino– Round 1) The fighters come out and after a brief exchange Firmino grabs hold of a body lock and smothers John to the ground.  Alessio eventually gets back to his feet, but Firmino didn’t do much of anything on the ground.  Firmino hits another take down, Alessio works for submissions from the bottom and almost nails an arm-bar, but Firmino escapes just as the round ends.

Round 2) John comes out swinging and stuns Firmino…her drops but pops right back up.  Firmino then lands back to back take downs but doesn’t do much with them but Alessio was hunting for Firmino’s neck, going for a guillotine each time…Firmino escaped though.  John reverses Luiz and begins G&P’ing him…right before the round comes to a close Firmino reverses Alessio and ends the round on top…tough rounds to score.

Round 3) Both guys throw some leather…nothing is really landing.  Firmino shoots but Alessio stuffs him.  They press against the cage, both working feverishly to gain the upper hand.  They reverse each…and I mean back and forth 3 or 4 times.  They finally separate, exchange a little bit, and end up right back against the cage, both looking to win the round by securing a take down, but the round ends with both fighters pressed against the cage.  Close close fight…John Alessio wins a RAZOR THIN unanimous decision.  Firmino and his corner looked pissed, but I have to agree, landing meaningless take downs SHOULDN’T win you the fight, especially if you don’t gain dominant positions or look for submissions.

Cameron Diffley wins the Submission of the Night.

Bristol Marunde and Jay Silva win the Fight of the Night.

There was no KO so there was no Knockout of the Night awarded.