You had to know it was coming…Props to FlyWinMMA for ANOTHER great HL.  Nick Diaz’s popularity is going to soar after UFC 137, because so many ‘UFC only fans’ a) just found out about him, and b) jump on whoever’s hot at the moment.  MMA fans KNOW who Diaz is, and undoubtedly have some favorite moments because Diaz is an exciting fighter.  Whether or not you like Diaz, there is no denying that he ALWAYS puts on an exciting fight.  Personally, my favorite Nick Diaz moments are when he KO’ed Robbie Lawler at UFC 47 because I think everyone at the time thought Lawler was going to run through Diaz, when he GOGOPLATA’ed Takanori Gomi at Pride 33, and probably the BEST round of MMA I’ve ever seen…Diaz vs Paul Daley at StrikeForce Diaz vs Daley.

I’m a fan of Diaz, I think he should tone it down a little bit, some of his rants are getting a little old, but I like the fact that he’s a wild card.  You have no idea what he’s going to do or say, and it’s somewhat refreshing compared to the robotic responses that you know you’re going to get from GSP.  I think GSP is a honorable martial artist and a great champion…It’s just hard to get behind him, he lacks personality.