MMA’s Brett Favre?

Does anyone really care about Eli Manning or Tom Brady? (With the exception of his hot wife, which should stick to taking her clothes off, instead of sending out public prayer notes for him like he was the victim of a drive-by!) However, for MMA fans all over, tonight WAS our Super Bowl, and I feel like Roy Nelson after the 53rd knee to the face!

What happened to Nick Diaz? I’ve professed my hatred of Tito Ortiz, due to his overwhelming cockiness, and Anderson Silva, as well. Nick was always different, though. He had that fire in his eyes reminding me of the movie, “Warrior,” I was so grateful to see before the rest of the world, and his, “F**K you” attitude towards outsiders/news media/random guy walking down the street that makes me slide off my chair. Did he take a freakin’ vacation tonight?!

Given, someone’s always got to lose, but a Diaz? Really? Where was Nate in his corner screaming, “Hey bro, talk sh*t after you win…FIGHT NOW!” Where were his trainers telling him he wasn’t winning? What fight were they watching? Who’s the trainer and who’s the fighter? He wasn’t striking, like usual, he was getting his ass kicked! I want to PUKE!!

THE KICKER: “I’m done with this sh*t!” Like a toddler having a tantrum, or the bitch that just lost the house in the divorce, “Waaaaaaaa I quit, I’m NEVER coming back, and I MEAN it THIS time!!!” Keep in mind, I would give my left labia to a Diaz brother if they were hungry, but I’m so disgusted with the “example” Nick has just set for Nate, I almost want to see THEM hit the octagon… until one of them has to be taken away by stretcher! AND I PAID FOR THAT?!?!? (Yes, and I will, again..) Hey Nick, you can only retire so many times before you become a JOKE! The “Hail Mary” take down in the last 30 seconds works about as well as it does for many a quarterbacks, so go ahead and walk away with your obvious over-inflated sense of self-worth and your d*ck in your hand! Unbelievably disappointed!