Monday Hangover: Alistair Overeem

It came out through Dana White’s twitter account when he was on his way to take in Jon Jones’ domination of Rashad Evans in Atlanta: Overeem out, Mir in. Alistair Overeem’s troubles with Keith Kizer’s Nevada State Athletic Commission’s drug testing cost him a shot at the title, a good amount of money and possibly his spot in the UFC.

Subsequently, Dana White has said that Overeem talked to him when he was signed and almost dared them to test him, repeating his claim that he was the most tested athlete in all of sports.

Well, they called his bluff, and now he’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching the action like the rest of us.

For his part, Overeem blames his doctor for prescribing medication to help heal his ribs for the failed test. He’ll have a chance to make his case before Kizer and the rest of the Commission tomorrow. We’ll see if he doesn’t get a Tuesday Hangover to go along with this week’s Monday Hangover…