Monday Hangover: Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

Look, I’m gonna be direct: Anthony “Rumble” Johnson didn’t make weight, lost his fight and got fired from the UFC. And he deserved it.

Zuffa has made it clear: it doesn’t matter how good you are as a fighter, if you are unprofessional you are gone. They have plenty of talented fighters and, especially now with the Fox deal and an even bigger stage, don’t need the drama.

So, after showing up 11 pounds overweight (12 really, but one is allowed), it was a pretty easy choice to make. Frankly, he was lucky to get to fight in Brazil and that he wasn’t fired the day before. Word is that he cut weight so poorly that he lost the use of his legs before the weigh-in and was ordered by the UFC doctors to hydrate immediately. This after being moved up (wait, that was his choice, right?) to 185 because he was having trouble making weight at 170.

So, after shaming himself and his profession, he returns home an unemployed loser. I bet that’s a long plane ride.

Anybody got Paul Daley’s number? Rumble could use some peer support…

Take two advil, drink some water and don’t bother calling Zuffa in the morning: Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, you’ve got this week’s Monday Hangover.


*Note: I resisted. Oh, how I resisted calling him Anthony “Rumble in the Tummy” Johnson. And I do think he’s a talented fighter. But this was disastrous. I look forward to seeing him fight on HD-Net.