Monday Hangover: Bjorn Rebney Redux

Bjorn Rebney is having a no good, very bad, terrible March. After his layoff between tournaments in Bellator, a time rife with opportunity to host non-tournament, exciting fights that would elevate the Bellator brand, his March ratings heading downhill and his heavyweight finals going awry not once but twice, the Hangover is his, once more.

Don’t get me wrong: Rebney has positioned himself to be riding high right now, if he’d only realize it and take action to make it happen. Bellator’s purchase by Viacom gives it muscle, while it’s aggressive signing of top athletes from around the world give it depth. But his reluctance to host non-tournament fights, to stick to a rigid philosophy, has stifled his/Bellator’s ability to capitalize on it’s assets.

Because of this rigid philosophy, Rebney left Bellator open to the disaster that is “Big Monster.”

First, the heavyweight final fight was postponed a week due to Eric Prindle’s flu. Then Santos came in 12 pounds overweight. TWELVE POUNDS! Assuming he was within weight limits the week before (which is in doubt), he clearly does not know how to cut. One would assume all kinds of issues with a veteran fighter who came in that much over, but with Santos, who’s never really had to cut weight before, it appears to be his inexperience showing.

So now Rebney has proposed getting a nutritionist for Santos. Getting him some help. And he’s taken criticism for it. Which might be fine if the ratings for Bellator’s recent shows have been good. But they haven’t. The ratings have been falling off a cliff. Highlights, like the flying knee knockout by Brian Rogers have been seen much more than the actual broadcast, so it’s not like there’ isn’t any interest in the fights…

Bjorn Rebney has a lot on his plate. And it is as if the plate is spinning. That’s why he get’s yet another Monday Hangover…