Monday Hangover: Cesar Gracie

All is not quiet in Pleasant Hill, California: Cesar Gracie woke up Monday morning with this week’s Monday Hangover.

UFC fighter Nick Diaz’s training regimen is legendary. I have no doubt he was back in the gym on Monday morning, working as hard as ever. Only this time, as an ex-UFC fighter. Possibly.

As Dana White said in the Post-143 Presser, Nick Diaz is a fighter. He’d be surprised if he actually retired.

I wouldn’t.

Clearly, Nick Diaz is going to be Nick Diaz, which means he’s gonna do what he wants. He takes stands, and stands behind them. If he’s lost faith in MMA judging… well, don’t be surprised if he disappears, only to re-surface cornering his brother Nate, or Jake Shields, or other fighters coming out of Cesar’s gym.

One problem with that: No one will be able to live up to his standards. Sure, he’ll push Nate, and he does train with some very high level fighters, but eventually, I’ve gotta think he’s going to want back in. After watching GSP take apart Jake Shields, you could almost see Nick thinking, “I could beat him.”

And how many minutes do you think it took Nick to realize the same thing about Carlos Condit, once he was able to gain separation from the fight? He’s going to want a rematch. He’s going to want to, in his mind, set things right.

That is going to create a conflict for him. Because, after all, he retired. In front of everybody.

Which brings us back to Cesar Gracie. All the while, he’s going to have to find a way to control the chaos that Nick Diaz is going to bring to his gym. It may not show to the public, but it’ll be there, roiling under the surface. Nick’s got some frustration to take out. I would not want to be his sparring partner right now. Or his mentor.

Which is why Cesar Gracie gets this week’s Monday Hangover.