Monday Hangover: Chael Sonnen & Nick Diaz

Usually I “award” the Monday Hangover to fighters & personalities that have a bad weekend. This week’s Monday Hangover goes to two fighters having a bad Monday: Chael Sonnen & Nick Diaz.

Both men are scheduled to meet with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, to discuss their various issues: Marijuana Metabolites & Suspensions for Diaz and Chael Sonnen’s book tour request for an exemption for testosterone-replacement therapy.

Both guys are in for a no-fun time in front of these people and their questions in the name of keeping the sport “pure.” (Ask King Mo how much fun that is…)

Needless to say, they’re gonna need plenty of… well, maybe Sonnen can hang with Diaz for a while to ease his pain…

As of this writing, the meetings are still to happen… so, Good Luck, guys, with the Commission and the Monday Hangover…

UPDATE: Nick Diaz got handed a one-year suspension (sustained his one year suspension) from his February bout as well as a 30% fine ($60,000 or 80,000 depending on the source). So far, no progress was made for Diaz. His ordeal lasted over three hours. The result of which is that we won’t see Diaz fight until after February 4, 2013. IF he returns to the cage at all, as he is currently “retired.” As I said above, no fun.

Sonnen, however, got the Testosterone therapy exemption he requested and only endured about 30 minutes of NSAC questioning before they voted unanimously to approve. While they did put some limits on his testosterone levels (he had to come within limits pre- and post-fight), it appears he’s got an easy (paperwork) path to his bout with Anderson Silva in Vegas at UFC 148.

So… mostly Nick Diaz gets the Hangover… we’ll just call Sonnen’s a headache.