Monday Hangover: Drew Fickett/Bob Sapp (Video)

Drew Fickett shares this week’s Monday Hangover with Bob Sapp. Both veteran MMA fighters took on challengers that should have been competitive matches and both folded quickly.

Drew Fickett
Drew Fickett was one of the first fighters to take Jamie Varner under his wing. On Friday night, at XFC 16: High Stakes, Varner knocked out Fickett in about forty seconds, in spite of Fickett’s having beaten much tougher opponents in his career.

Varner jabbed with his left and then landed a right hook, knocking Fickett down. Varner  jumped on Fickett and a flurry of punches later, the ref stopped the bout.

The reason Fickett shares the hangover, is that he had the Cojones to get some fake tattoos on his shoulders, mocking Varner’s. That deserves a reduced hanger. And makes me smile. Besides, after the way Jamie Varner displayed his appreciation for the man he just knocked out, how could I possibly dish out anything more?

Check the video here:

Bob Sapp
Sure, he’s been a veteran of Pride, Strikeforce, K-1, and some smaller combat promotions. Sure, he’s got 21 MMA fights under his belt. And, yes, he outweighed his opponent by about 100 pounds…

The worst thing is that Bob Sapp was fighting Rolles Gracie. Yes, of that Gracie family. The man had to know that he was going to get taken down and submitted. He had to have at least brushed up on his ground skills… yet he got defeated on the ground (he tapped due to strikes) in about 80 seconds.

The reason Sapp shares the hangover is that he was able to get out of a heel hook attempt by Gracie.

Here’s the video:


Take some Cherry Flavored Nighttime, Mr. Fickett & Mr. Sapp, for you share this week’s Monday Hangover.