Monday Hangover: Jason “Mayhem” Miller

After putting up an effort that showed more heart than any of his recent bouts, Jason “Mayhem” Miller finds himself not just on the losing end of a fight, but out of the UFC and retired from MMA… for now.

Saturday’s UFC 146 prelim fight with C.B. Dollaway had been one Miller had been characteristically running his mouth off about. When he entered The Octagon™ with a knee not just protected by a neoprene wrap but wrapped with Ace bandages underneath, and displayed what looked like the effects of a blown-out knee during the fight, his chances for a victory in the match seemed low. His punching power though and chin were on display and even though he dropped Dolloway, he found himself held down and dominated on the ground for most of the fight.

Personally, I thought he showed great resilience and heart, battling as he did. I thought the ref was wrong in not standing them up at a few points in the match, and that Miller did show a puncher’s chance despite the bum knee. I was concerned he would be cut after the loss, but with the effort he put in, I would have been even more disappointed if that was the reason.

However, reports of incidents backstage added to the distaste UFC President Dana White seems to have for Miller and his antics, and proved to be the last straw in Miller’s current UFC run.

Then, as he had said he would do if he lost, Miller announced his retirement from MMA, but included “for now” in the statement. Clearly, after these last two fights went awry, Miller needs some time to re-evaluate. If MMA is something he wants to continue doing, he’s created enough of a public persona that there will be several organizations likely to express interest in him. And there’s potential for a television gig, after the success of his show, MTV’s Bully Beatdown.

But for now, he is saddled with the loss, the expulsion and lots of time on his hands… oh, and this week’s Monday Hangover…