Monday Hangover: Jon Jones

After weeks of conjecture, controversy and trolling, Jon Jones finally got into The Octagon™ and faced an actual opponent. After dodging Chael Sonnen because it was “on short notice” on the advice of Greg Jackson, and besides that Jones talked about how he immerses himself in his opponent’s tapes, studying his nuances and tendencies, learning his techniques and the angles he takes, mastering his timing…

…and then fought a fight he could totally have fought at UFC 151, on short notice, without the studying he had done.

Jones was preparing for a wrestler with heavy hands (Henderson) and when he couldn’t go, he was offered a smaller wrestler with significantly lighter hands (Sonnen) and refused.

If Jones’ fight against Belfort proved anything, it was that he should’ve taken the Sonnen fight and saved UFC 151 and his reputation. He gained little (if anything) from the victory over Belfort that was positive, but by not destroying Belfort quickly, and getting caught in an arm bar, he lost respect and possibly permanently damaged a perfectly healthy arm.

One other thing is certain: neither Jones nor Jackson were prepared for the massive backlash that they received for the 151 cancellation and (in Jones’ case especially) their response to it.

…all of which, despite the victory, allows me to award this week’s Monday Hangover to Jon “Bones” Jones. Get that arm checked out, pop a couple of pain pills and avoid loud noises, Mr. Jones.