Monday Hangover: Kim Winslow

This week’s Monday Hangover belongs to MMA Referee Kim Winslow, whose performance during last Saturday’s Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine event, specifically during the “King Mo” Lawal vs. Lorenz Larkin bout, has earned her harsh criticism from both the winner of the fight, King Mo and the MMA fanbase in general for what many consider a late stoppage of the match.

Many times, referees are harangued for stopping fights too early and a good majority of the time, there is video justification for the complaint. When there is criticism for late stoppage, however, it is a much more serious charge.

Things get violent in the cage, and bad things can happen to fighters. Even if fighters emerge without injury, it can be scary (Kim Couture getting frighteningly choked out in Hawaii, for example).

Because of the outcry over early stoppages, it can be expected that sometimes referees are going to “give fighters every chance” to withstand attacks and come back. It is a judgment call, and that’s why we have the refs in there.

So, for doing your job and roughing it through the barbs of the critics, this week’s Monday Hangover belongs to MMA Referee, Kim Winslow.