Monday Hangover: Penn Family

BJ Penn is suddenly everywhere playing footsie with the idea of coming out of out of the retirement he chose after getting clobbered with great consistency by Nick Diaz. He’s on television, Internet radio and the subject of blogs getting woo’d by hosts trying to get him to commit to coming back and fighting again.

And I’ll admit, when the idea of him taking on Josh Koscheck came up, I was all for it. I’d love to see him smack Kos around. Then I took a step back and realized that I honestly didn’t care who was smacking Kos around, and I remembered that Diaz fight. Now, Kos is no Nick Diaz, but he’s got enough striking ability to connect on Penn and enough wrestling to keep Penn off of him. One big landed punch and we’re back in bloody-face-ville.

Penn is a great fighter. He is a multiple-time champion. That’s how he should be remembered, not as the guy trying to make a comeback and faltering, hurting his legacy. Much has been made about his not needing the money but getting into The Octagon™ anyway. Maybe now it’s time for him to transition to training the next generation coming up, or to get into the UFC Hall of Fame and calling it a day, as he did after Diaz.

All of this “returning to The Octagon™” has to give Penn’s family this week’s Monday Hangover.