Monday Hangover: Pettis Edition

Pettis_MH_150Today’s Monday Hangover goes to a Pettis. Not Sergio, who suffered his first loss on Saturday after winning most of his fight with veteran Alex Caceres, who’s mistake of going for a takedown to cement the third round led to his eventual tapping to Bruce Leeroy’s RNC.

Nope. This Monday Hangover goes to big brother Anthony Pettis, watching helplessly cageside as his little brother got choked into submission.

I’m a big brother. Now, my brother doesn’t fight for a living, but I can tell you, if he did, and as close as the Pettis brothers appear to be, you can bet Anthony feels the same way… I would rather take a beating, be choked, or take just about any setback than have to sit by and watch my brother endure any of those things.

And, like Anthony’s surely thinking, I would wonder if I didn’t invest enough of my time and knowledge into my brother’s training and preparation for his bout with Caceres.

Sergio? He’ll be fine. I have every confidence that the 20-year-old fighter will learn from this experience, come back stronger and, as Caceres said in his post-fight interview, have a bright future in the fight game.

But Anthony Pettis, well, he gets today’s Monday Hangover.