Monday Hangover: Pro Elite 3

Pro Elite held their third event on Saturday in Hawaii, airing on HD-Net and put out a relatively disappointing show for MMA fans. Generally, the fights did not live up to the hype and now the promotion finds themselves in the unenviable position of limping into their heavyweight tournament final.

HD-Net shares the hangover with Pro Elite with the poor choices it made for the broadcast.

Two reasons the event didn’t deliver:

1. The Fights.
The great thing about MMA is its unpredictability. But that’s also its biggest potential for fail, when it comes to live televised events. A fight could be a spectacular bout with fast-paced action, dynamic striking, technical grappling/wrestling/jiu jitsu or it could be overly cautious, sloppy, ugly (not in a good way) and safe. The fights tended to be on the safe side, with few of the fighters going for the glory and throwing caution to the wind. Too often, they seemed to play it safe and so we had lots of decisions. The lone main card match that delivered was the opening bout between Brent Schermerhorn and Keleo Gambill.

2. The Production
As far as HD-Net MMA events go, the quality of the event production was fine. The camerawork was solid and the visuals good. But Pro Elite or HD-Net made some poor choices and thus delivered an event that failed to live up to it’s promise. Not even the many metaphors and enthusiasm of “The Voice” could save these fights. However, a quick look at the prelim card shows four finishes: three submissions and a TKO. Inserting these in between main card fights would have provided a more exciting viewing experience.

Also, you’re in Hawaii! Show some of the local beauty! The shots of the arena and local monuments were great, but you’re on HD-Net: The beach was right there! Let’s see some bikini’d wahine’s. Even hula girls would’ve been a nice nod to your audience. And where were the ring card girls? You could see their legs in the background walking around the cage but they were not featured at all in the broadcast. This is the network that airs a “Girls Gone Wild” show, for cryin’ out loud! Sure, MMA purists would scoff at the idea of spicing up a fight broadcast with beautiful women, but I bet they’d still enjoy it!

So there you have it: This week’s Monday Hangover is shared between Pro Elite and HD-Net for a lackluster effort in putting together an MMA broadcast. Give your whole crew a migraine day off (except whoever needs to work for Inside MMA) and regroup quickly, because you’ve got a big weekend of fights coming…