Monday Hangover: Roy Nelson

Monday Hangover: Roy NelsonThere are times when it is hard to find a candidate for ‘Monday Hangover’ and there are times when it’s almost too easy… this would be one of the easy ones.

Roy Nelson took the UFC 161 fight on very short notice, interrupting his post-KO vacation, and for that he is to be commended, I suppose. There’s an ongoing debate about taking fights on short notice, but that’s a different post.

Roy Nelson made a bad decision. He decided to fight the last bout of his UFC contract on short notice, against a solid opponent, and lost big.

Whether it was primarily from the short notice, as the result of the amount of hard blows he absorbed or likely the combination of the two, Roy Nelson performed like he appears.

And that was terrible. See, the thing about Roy Nelson is that he looks like the average fan, but performs like a UFC fighter. He forces commentators to explain that he may look fat and out of shape, he may have a grey beard, but he’s got cardio and power: he is an athlete. A professional fighter.

And on Saturday, to the masses watching the pay-per-view, Stipe Miocic made him look like an old, fat, slow man.

And now, after turning down the UFC’s contract extension offer once, and damaging his brand for other possible options, Roy Nelson finds himself in a bad bargaining position with Dana White or whomever.

I’m a Roy Nelson fan, in spite of his self-destructive tendencies, but he earned this week’s Monday Hangover.