Money Talks…Anderson Fights

According to Gustavo Noblat of, it took the UFC president 75 minutes and a good percentage of the pay-per-view share to convince Anderson to fight Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas instead of Rio de Janeiro.

All of a sudden Anderson is the ‘Company man’, talking about being in a partnership with the UFC for life, oh it probably helps that the UFC and Anderson are planning on opening UFC/Anderson Silva academies (read Gyms) all over Brazil, which will probably make Silva 5x’s richer than he currently is. I’m talking 50 cent rich, Silva is poised to be the Money Mayweather of Brazil. Anderson already commands a pay per view percentage, was probably paid extra to take the Sonnen fight to begin with and has endorsement deals with several fortune 100/500 companies in Brazil and the States. Adding extra cheese to his pay per view deal is gonna lead to one gigantic payday for The Spider. I love how Anderson is all UFC all the time now, it was only a few years ago he was unhappy with his contract, fights, Dana White, the UFC in general and considering making some big changes. All it took was a little money and now it’s all good in the hood. Gotta love capitalism!

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

Rumble young man Rumble

*Original Image Courtesy of, Satirical edits done by MMA Rants Today.