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Tim Sylvia is making a real push to get back into the UFC. Dan White has said ‘No’ so far. I don’t blame him, I also don’t blame Tim Sylvia. He never resonated with the fans, he was during the ‘weak HW era’ of UFC history and he screwed the UFC by leaving to fight Fedor, which he lost. This ‘media’ blitz he going on, and I use ‘media’ to encompass the internet and all that comes with technology. Tim’s doing the right things, making the right moves, being the ‘everyman’ he always was but never embraced properly. I was not a Tim Sylvia fan, I am now. He is the ‘blue collar’ Heavyweight, the guy we all can Identify with, just like one Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson. The only thing Tim Sylvia needs now is a 1 or 2 quality wins and I think Dana might just change his tune, especially if Tim continues his current ‘media’ blitz, as it’s connecting him with fans more than he ever was able to as the UFC Heavy Weight Champ. Check out Tim Sylvia ‘The Blue Collar’ Champ. Enjoy.

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Anthony Dominguez
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