Muscle Shark spotted…

In case you may have forgotten (which is quite likely given how long he’s been absent from the Octagon) Sean Sherk is a UFC fighter, the one time LW Champ hasn’t been in the UFC since his win over Evan Dunham September 25, 2010. Almost a year ago, and that fight was after a 16 month absence. Sean has had only 5 fights since 2007. Approximately 1 fight a year. Now he’s looking for a Fall return, against a top contender no less. It will most likely be over a year before he steps foot into the Octagon again. He’s asking for a top contender after that long of a layoff. I disagree with that. I don’t think he deserves a top contender. The LW division is stacked, and stuck in a bottleneck until the Edgar/Maynard fight is completed.

I understand his logic, I just disagree with him deserving a top contender. Give him 2 fights, then he deserves a top contender. What it all comes down to is a payday, Sherk has never been shy aobut his reasons for fighting. To support his family. He fights to support his family, it’s why he left Pride, it’s why he resigned with the UFC, it’s why he wants a top contender. The faster he gets on a main card, the quicker he gets paid the big bucks. I say, win a bonus, KO, sub, or fight of the night will put him close to where he wants to be monetarily.


“I should be back in early fall. I want another contender. Just want to keep fighting contenders and keep fighting guys that I feel like they have something to offer me, because anytime I fight somebody and I’ve been in the industry for so long, I’ve accomplished so much, anybody that I fight it’s going to be a big fight for them. It’s going to be a big win if they beat me. So I got to put my butt on the line and I want to fight another top contender. Someone whose got some momentum going so if I beat them it furthers my career as well. So it’s kind of a win-win for both of us you know.”

Who do you think Sean Sherk should get into the Octagon with when he returns in the fall?