Nate Marquardt. A story.

There are a ton of rumors flying around regarding Marquardt’s failed pre-fight medical and his subsequent release from the UFC. In a very public announcement, Dana White said he ‘would never fight in the UFC again’ and that ‘he was disgusted by him’. I have a theory about why he was let go, why Dana and Co. are so mad, and what it may mean for Marquardt in the future. However, I am not going to air this theory, not gonna feed into the rumors, I’m gonna sit back and see how this plays out. I may or may not comment if and when Marquardt decides to address this situation (which appears will be this afternoon on Ariel Helwani’s show- the so called ‘Oprah of MMA’). The PAC has suspended him, the UFC fired him…he made weight, he didn’t fail a drug test…this leads to…I don’t think we need to know the reason. I have firmly come to the conclusion Marquardt will address this situation, without actually giving the full story or reasons behind  Dana White, the UFC and the PAC’s actions. I feel we have just been exposed to a private and personal part of one man’s life. I will however point out, this one and only article by PorkChopMMA with a valid reason (the only reason I am rooting for) for his suspension and dismissal.

“The easy way out would be to think its steroids again right? Granted he is huge, massive even for someone who fights at 185 and now 170… But not so fast… My theory… Marijuana…

Think about it, he Hails from Colorado. Lives there, trains there. Its one of 13 states where Marijuana is not just decriminalized but also available for Medical use. What’s to say Nate took his peepee test and it came back smelling like Bob Marley signature cologne. The PA Commission is saying he has 6 weeks to clear up the issue… Maybe they are waiting for him to fashion a Medical Marijuana card, 6 weeks is also the amount of time Marijuana stays in your system.”

Mary Jane is the one and only reason I will accept and hence comment about. I have to say, it makes a ton of sense. Dana has alluded to Nick Diaz’s usage as an issue over the years, who knows how he might react if it interfered with UFC business. If it is something else, we should leave it at that, move onto laughing at Tito Ortiz (have you seen his twitter naked pic? I have not, for obvious reasons, I’m told it’s nothing to laugh at, I sincerely hope that is wrong), or that farce called Toney vs. Shamrock, if that doesn’t make you laugh, in a month or two we will have  Bellator’s foray into gimmick fights when Ricco Rodriquez fights Seth Petruzelli for…laughs?

That’s IT!

Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief