Nate Marquardt Out. Replacement vs. Replacement.

Talk about “Card Subject to Change!”

The MMA world is burning with talk about UFC on Versus 4 and the fate of Nate Marquardt.

The word is that Nate didn’t pass his physical (Does that mean PEDs? Not making weight? It sure implies more than not making weight), and Charlie Brenneman, who just had a fight cancelled, steps up and into the cage to face Rick Story, himself a replacement for original Marquardt opponent Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

With their Main Event reduced to Story vs. Brenneman, the UFC is left to promote Kongo vs Barry as their headline bout. Can they carry a broadcast? Are they going to move any of the Facebook prelims up to the main card now? The whole card is pretty stacked, and Brenneman should be in good shape, so they’ll be fine.

Hey, it’s a free event. No complaints here.

What happens now for Marquardt?

The word is that Nate Marquardt is not just out of this event: He may be out of the UFC entirely. If it had just been trouble making weight I think he might find a little bit of understanding because he’s trying to cut to a smaller weight class. Not that Dana White would be happy, but I don’t think he would kick him off the roster for that. This points to something much worse.

Luckily, “Nate The Great” has a marketable name, and if things aren’t too bad (see Chael Sonnen), he should be able to find a spot on the roster of another promotion pretty quickly. He’s a talented fighter, and I’d hate for his career to end if it doesn’t have to. But he’s had issues in his past, and maybe he doesn’t want it that bad.

I’ll be watching on Versus tomorrow night, and picturing Nate Marquardt and Anthony Johnson having a beer together, watching too.