Newsflash: Nick Diaz smokes the weed. Got busted. Again.

Please excuse my tone if I sounds a little sarcastic, but it’s hardly news that many athletes in MMA and all sports utilize a natural remedy to help them through the rigors of constant training, fighting and fatigue.

Today, a certain athletic commission head, who I shall not name because I don’t want to give him yet more publicity, announced that Nick Diaz tested positive for Marijuana. Again.

This has caused Mr. Diaz problems in the past. (it looks weird, calling him “Mr. Diaz” doesn’t it?) And the afore-intentionally-not-mentioned commissioner has filed for disciplinary action (aka hassle by The Man) against Nick.

The last time he tested positive for pot (hey, not a bad slogan for legalizaton: “positive for pot”), Diaz was coming off a win in Pride against Takanori Gomi, and not only was suspended for six months but also had the win turned into a “no contest” on his record. Since he lost the fight with Condit, I don’t imagine they would do that to Condit, but you never know. Drug laws are a little schizophrenic in this country right now.

Nick will appear before the commission, plead his case, get his slap and appeal. Or, since he’s “retired” and still Nick Diaz, he may just say “f23k it” and not show up for his hearing.

Honestly, I’m not sure what advantage it is supposed to give him. If anything, perhaps it made him a little sluggish in The Octagon™ and gave Condit more opening than usual to escape once Diaz got him backed up against the cage. Diaz had to make weight, so you know the munchies wouldn’t have helped…

So we wait while the UFC, Diaz camp and commission get things in order and prepare to figure this out. It may just be as simple as “Nick is retired. Nick stays retired.”

And that would be a shame.