Nick Diaz ‘apologizes’ for missing UFC 137 press conference

I’m a huge Nick Diaz fan, HUGE. In my book he can do no wrong, if it was up to me, he’d still be on the UFC 137 card facing GSP for the title. Regardless of his shenanigans. That’s a fan talking, as a business man, I can’t abide by his behavior.

FINALLY he has put out a video on his youtube page titled Looks like someone don’t want me to win ! ‘apologizing’ for missing the UFC 137 press conference. If you look at his page you see the hate from many of his ‘fans’. Many of his die hard fans (myself included) feel like he let us down, I feel like he let me down personally. All day I’ve been alternating between disgust and being bummed. I like Carlos Condit, I don’t want to see him fight GSP, I want to see Diaz fight GSP. Now it looks like I won’t see Diaz fight anyone in the UFC. With this youtube nonsense, he’s almost guaranteed his dismisial from the big stage.

Where’s he gonna go if that happens? MFC? Nope, he can’t get into Canada very easily, Bellator? Probably not, they pass on difficult fighters more often than not (not to mention Diaz’s pay would be a bit to high for them) Dream, right? No again, I don’t think Diaz has been paid since his last fight against Sakurai, last year. I guess that leaves BAMMA, if he has trouble getting into Canada, I think Europe will be about the same. Which leaves some small promotions, none of which will be able to pay (with several fights combined) the kind of money Diaz would have made on the GSP fight alone. Boxing is an option some might say, sadly, boxing is all about promotion, if Diaz can’t make a press conference for MMA, then he probably can’t make one for boxing, same story, over and over again.

Why Diaz, why? The only fight I have been looking forward to for the last year has been this one. You let me down, thanks Stockton.

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Anthony Dominguez
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