Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva: Fight of the Decade or bad Springer Episode?

Diaz-Silva-Wilkos_150Nick Diaz is going to fight Anderson Silva!

Anderson Silva is going to fight Nick Diaz!

That’s great—right?

I mean, I’ve been anxiously waiting for both guys to return to action for a while now—and have found them both  exciting at times  and frustrating to watch at times.

After their last fights, both guys should be all business, coming with serious violent intent. Both should look to end the night early.

But that’s not who they are. Both are talkers and mockers. Both get inside their opponent’s head by clowning and toying inside the cage.

Which means this could be an amazing fight or could be a frustrating chat-fest in which few actual strikes are thrown.

Maybe they could book Steve Wilkos to referee?

(Side note: I sometimes miss early Springer, before they decided to stop showing the fights…)