Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn. Seriously.

Things just get more and more surreal in the UFC…

It’s official! According to the Dana White’s twitter, Nick Diaz is now booked to fight BJ Penn in Las Vegas on October 29th at UFC 137. As we speculated (wildly, we thought at the time), the match will be the co-main event.

As much fun as a GSP/Diaz fight would be: GSP the consummate gentleman and Diaz the prototypical thug, a match with Penn almost totally boggles the mind…

It’s like two separate and distinct worlds colliding and honestly, at this point I can’t say with any certainty that the outcome is knowable. Diaz certainly brings striking, BJJ and attitude to the cage, but Penn at his peak is a very formidable opponent. Elusive and extremely flexible, Penn is dangerous from anywhere in the ring.

We’ve got a good month and a half to ponder this match-up: for now, let’s just revel in it’s existence. And hope they don’t hold any more press conferences.

…and if GSP and Diaz win… Bwahahaha!!!