No Marquardt?! WTH?!

I had to work all weekend, so I was really looking forward to seeing the Marquardt/Story fight, instead I get ANOTHER replacement; but not because Story bailed out (as I was originally told as I was leaving the liquor store)…Marquardt didn’t do WHAT?! How do you not know you’ve been on the couch suckin’ down too many beers to make weight?! Really?!?! No one picked up on this until the last minute!? Or is it steroids, sorry, “PED’s”?! Again, with the common sense of, “DUH?!” If Barry Bonds wasn’t going to get away with it, you sure as Hell aren’t! Oh, I’d uppercut him with a full beer straight to the button, right now, and right before he hit the ground, I’d stick my foot under him, so I officially shoved my foot up his arse! (I don’t usually waste a beer like that, but I’ve got 15 more…I’m good!)