ONE FC is gonna be in Jakarta, wish I was too

You ever been to Jakarta? Me either. That bums me out. Jakarta looks pretty awesome, add some quality MMA and it only gets better in my mind. I love to travel, I love new cultures and my favorite part of traveling is eating and drinking native dishes. The adventures I’ve had searching new cities/towns for a good drink and meal have been some of the best memories I’ve kept from my travels. I suggest you try it yourself, when you get into a new town ask the locals where they eat and drink, make sure they know you don’t want the ‘tourist’ spots, you want the local spots. Believe me, it’s worth it everytime.

If the opportunity arises, I’m gonna be eating and drinking myself stupid in Jakarta very soon. Check out this little video from ONE FC and tell me you don’t want to go too.

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Anthony Dominguez
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