One FC to Stream live on Youtube March 31st

It’s Friday evening, I’m drunk and watching Bellator waiting for TUF Live and looking forward to ONE FC on youtube at 5am. It’s gonna be a great weekend, Bellator/TUF Live for Friday, ONE FC on Saturday and TUF Brazil on Sunday. I love MMA weekends don’t you? If you are not familiar with ONE FC then you should get up early with me and check it out. ONE FC is what the UFC is in the USA and Brazil but for Asia. They got some great talent and an incredible future, enough to put the pressure on the UFC. Check them out and see what I’m talking about!

One FC: War of the Lions on March 31

Live streaming commences:
8:00 PM – Kuala Lumpur
1:00 PM – London
8:00 AM – New York City
5:00 AM – San Francisco

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
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