ONE FC: War of the Lions Official Trailer

One FC is slowly (and when I say ‘slowly’ I mean quickly) becoming the premier MMA league in Asia. They are signing top talent from all over the world, setting up TV deals in all parts of the world and making connections with the best gyms in the world. I’ve spoken with fighters who have no desire to be in the UFC, their only goal is to make it to One FC. That’s a pretty bold statement. The biggest promotion in the world is currently the UFC, it’s also considered the best place for a fighter to be, yet, more and more up an comign fighters are expressing a desire ot be in One FC over the UFC. What that tells me is, there are gonna be some spectacular shows produced by One FC in the coming years. It also tells me the UFC has some serious ground to cover in Asia.

Check out their War of the Lions Trailer.

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