Our 100th POST! Paul Daley doesn’t know why Dana White doesn’t like him.

Before we begin this rant, let me take the time to point out this is our 100th post! It may not seem like a milestone for some, for us it’s a huge accomplishment. We’ve been live as a site for a little over a month, what started out as a lil’ idea has grown into a business. A business we plan on building into an empire. To our loyal readers, thank you.

Rumble young man Rumble!

Seriously? He can’t be that oblivious right? I know he’s British, that’s no excuse. To think that he actually believes punching an unaware Josh Koscheck (Ok, ok, who hasn’t wanted to do that, I get it) after the fight was over, after the bell! There is no excuse for that action. When someone with Daley’s punching power sucker punches someone, terrible things could happen. If you are on the receiving end of a Daley sucker punch, you could actually meet Rod Serling. You could quite possibly stay long enough to have a drink, a smoke and some 3 way action with him and his bevy of beauties, that’s how dangerous Paul Daley’s hands are. As I sit here and re read that last sentence, it doesn’t sound so bad, hmmm, I digress. Added to the Kos fiasco is Daley’s inability to make weight when it counts most. Sure, he made it for the Diaz fight, he didn’t for his previous title fight in BAMMA a few weeks prior.

Your job is to fight, make weight and obey the rules of the Octagon. Daley is able to handle only 1 of those job descriptions at a time in most cases. On a Pay Per View, viewed by the millions and millions of UFC fans (not to mention the replays on broadcast TV and the internet), Daley assaulted a man, live. At a time when the sport is on the cusp of main stream acceptance, such antics are unacceptable from a business stand point let alone from a sportsmanship view. Dana White is first and foremost a business man, capital B lowercase usiness man. Just like a pimp, you mess with his dollars and the pimp hand comes down hard. Is it actually possible Paul Daley is unaware of Dana Whites reputation? The man has an elephantine memory for grudges.

Paul, Pauly, Big P, let me take this opportunity to clarify some things, you are a terrible employee, you assualted another employee on national TV, live, you then ran your mouth for several months after the incident disparaging your ex boss and previous employer as a whole. Re read this last sentence a few times, then ask yourself, ‘Why doesn’t Dana White like me?’ If you still don’t know, you may want to request an extra CT scan prior to your bout with Woodley.

From 106.7 the Fan with Luke Thomas:

On the relationship with Dana White:

I was at the fighters summit. Dana mentioned people he has problems with and named Josh Barnett. Basically he named everybody but me. He’s got a big part to play in Strikeforce right now. I don’t understand his big problem with me. It’s definitely something personal because there’s been opportunities for things to happen and they’re not happening. I’m an exciting fighter. English people want to see me. I have a big fan base in the UK and a few fans in America. A lot of people do want to see me back in the UFC. I’m happy with Strikeforce and I’m happy with the fights that I’ve got for now. I think that in the future after getting past Cyborg, I don’t see much in the way of big marquee fights I can have outside of the UFC. I’ve said in numerous interviews that I want to be back in the UFC so I’m not holding a grudge no more. I’m saying I want the UFC. This is from peer pressure from my fans saying “you deserve to be back in there. There’s people who don’t deserve to be back in there that get a lot of the lime light that have messed up.” I have reached out. He’s looked passed a lot, every other fighter he’s had a personal beef with he’s overlooked but for some reason he just don’t like me. I don’t know what it is. I’d like for him to explain it to me. I can’t remember apart from the whole Koscheck incident, which I think with any other fighter would be overlooked and they’d be on a banner or something. I dunno, I think it’s personal.

Oh, it is personal.

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