Overeem Fails Drug Test. Dammit.

I am really looking forward to UFC 146. All heavyweight main card. ALL HEAVYWEIGHTS!

In a year of potentially amazing fight cards (Silva/Sonnen topping them), this one card was the one I was most looking forward to. Not that I don’t like the other divisions. There’s great action in every division… but not like the Heavyweights.

The press conference featuring all heavyweights was an awesome spectacle to see. You think they had to reinforce that stage? I do! Just seeing those guys up there… I tell you it was a sight to behold.

And looking at the footage of the conference before and after on UFC Ultimate Insider, I was struck at two things: Roy Nelson sitting and chatting with Junior Dos Santos after their war in The Octagon™ and Alistair Overeem.

“Look at him,” I thought, “after all the hype and all the rumors, all the build-up and false starts, there’s Alistair hanging out, walking among the UFC guys, natural as can be (well, natural as Alistair can be… he seems a little stiff in social situations from what I’ve seen).”

And when I heard the NSAC did a random drug test on the fighters in attendance right the after the presser, I thought that was a smart thing to do: “Catch them in the start of their camp, get a snapshot of where their levels are at for comparison later.”

I honestly never thought one of them would fail the test.

Well, one did. Alistair. Dammit.

After the beating he put on Brock Lesnar, I was really looking forward to seeing him go toe-to-toe with Dos Santos. I mean, I was REALLY looking forward to it.

Now, it looks like it won’t happen. Not now. Not at UFC 146.