Overeem Gets his Money

You know it’s never good when you hear news about yourself from the media. Whether it’s about a spouse, a sibling or your money, finding out from the press is a sign of terrible things to come. So when Alistair Overeem, riding high from his TKO of Brock Lesnar entered the UFC 141 Post-fight event about half an hour in (after getting the cut above his right eye stitched) and got hit with a question about how he felt having his fight purse held by the Nevada State Athletic Commission because of a lawsuit brought on by his former management Golden Glory, he did what any surprised person does when finding out such news: he admitted that this was the first he’d heard about it.

It’s not surprising that Golden Glory would sue after Overeem left. He had to have been their biggest star under contract and I’m sure they felt that they had put him in the position to succeed and were owed something in return. This is often the case with successful ventures whether we’re talking about rock stars or movies stars or MMA fanboy faves like Alistair. And Golden Glory has threatened legal action before.

What is surprising is the way he got his money.

In order to secure the withholding, Golden Glory (Filing under the name Knock Out Investments) had to place $200,000 of their money in the same escrow. They didn’t in the time allowed, so the money was released to Overeem.

So score one for the (big, big!) little guy. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about Golden Glory’s pursuit of Overeem’s money…