Overeem Out… Alistair Leaves Golden Glory

In a remarkable but probably wise business move, UFC Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem has announced, via Twitter, that he has left his management and training team: Team Golden Glory.

As we’ve discussed here, a few times, Golden Glory has demonstrated a unique business methodology, one that caused Zuffa to release all the Golden Glory fighters from it’s promotions, once it purchased Strikeforce.

Alistair Overeem:

“I would like to make a statement regarding the recent news of the separation from my long-time management Golden Glory.”

“As with any relationship, there are good times and bad times – you have your common ground and your differences. As with any relationship, you have trust.”

“When differences lead to a breach of trust, there’s no turning back and no way to continue a positive, working relationship. I don’t air my dirty laundry. I would appreciate the respect regarding my privacy to not disclose any further details on this matter.”

By signing Alistair to the UFC and not making moves with the other fighters on the Golden Glory roster, the writing was on the wall that perhaps this was a possible condition, although nothing could be formalized. Given Golden Glory’s run to the press in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them charge Zuffa with that.

There were no new management news announced for the Dutchman. Which leaves a few questions, most importantly, how will this affect Overeem’s training for his upcoming UFC debut bout with Brock Lesnar? Will he be able to maintain the focus one requires to perform at the elite level in the UFC?

Certainly, Alistair Overeem has a history of performing in big fights, and you’ve gotta figure that he knows what goes into a training camp. He’s certainly got the money and acclaim to attract the best coaches and sparring partners to prepare.

Is this a sign of chaos to come surrounding Overeem, or is it a move to pluck the seeds of chaos out of his orbit? Will he be motivated to fight on such a big stage, or will he perform like he did against Verdum on Strikeforce?

He better not sleep on Brock. I can’t wait for December 30th!