Overeem Release Signals End to Strikeforce?

With it’s two top draws out of the promotion, are we seeing the dismantling of the Strikeforce brand?

Nick Diaz officially left Strikeforce to fight in the UFC in order to get a title shot at Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137 in October in Las Vegas and now Alistair Overeem’s been fired, leaving a big hole in Strikeforce’s roster.

The next two draws are Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko, who face each other with the loser being dropped from the roster, according to Dana White. It should be noted that both fighters are at the end of their contracts, and there’s a good chance neither will fight again for Zuffa.

It’s safe to assume once Strikeforce’s contract with Showtime ends, it will meet the same fate as the WEC and be folded into the UFC. I think it’s also pretty clear that Paul Daley wouldn’t be brought in to fight under the UFC banner

The ramifications of this are huge for MMA fans. The top Strikeforce talent will most likely be kept by the UFC and the rest released, although with the Overeem firing, Zuffa made certain that the message is out: no one is guaranteed a place in the UFC.

The fighters who get cut will add to the already impressive rosters at the remaining fight promotions, with many ending up on Bamma,  Bellator, Dream or MFC rosters. Perhaps ProElite will grab a handful to fill out its stable. This will also push talent to the regional promotions.

This type of talent distribution means that all the events are about to get better!