Overeem: Truth & Consequence

We now know Alistair Overeem failed his random test with a 14-1 T/E ratio (normal is 1-1 to 6-1) and that he’s been added to the agenda for the April 24th Nevada Athletic Commission meeting to face questioning about his results.

In addition to that ‘A’ sample, a ‘B’ sample was taken, and he could request that it’s results be discovered, which would either exonerate him or confirm his high ratio was indeed the case.

One possible consequence of Overeem’s failed test makes me sick.

In order to fight Brock Lesnar, Overeem was given a conditional license from the commission based on his passing testing at a designated facility overseas. Overeem has to pass his next two tests, according to the conditional license. He failed his test. So what are his consequences?

Will the Commission overturn his victory over Lesnar and make it a no contest?*

There’s one problem with that: the license expired at the end of the year. So how could it be overturned?

Also, since it is expired, and Overeem was therefore an unlicensed fighter, how could they test him? How could the use the test against him?

It would seem that the Commission has to throw the test results out and re-test when Overeem applies for his license. That’s how it would probably work in court. But the Commission isn’t court.

Look for Overeem to receive a fine similar to what they demanded from King Mo (in percentage, not amount. Overeem will pay a lot more) and a long suspension. Zuffa, who will have just lost a ton of money in pay-per-view buys, will not be happy either. It will have to measure how much it values Overeem, and it may decide that he just isn’t worth it and drop him.

Time will tell what’s next for Overeem. There’s a good chance it is a return to Europe for a while…

*If the fight is ruled a no contest, and I’m only asking because it is ridiculously fun, does that open the door for a return of Brock Lesnar to face Junior Dos Santos? I know: ridiculous. But fun to consider…