Paul ‘I refuse to make weight’ Daley wants what?

Paul Daley is my poster child for ‘what’s wrong with MMA fighters’. I could go on for ever about his indiscretions, starting with his failure to make weight (several times, a few were for Title bouts) ending with his cheap shot at Kos after the bell, plus a myriad of other items from his illustrious career. Now, he’s in a dispute with BAMMA, surprise, surprise. He’s having problems with BAMMA, and he wants back in the UFC, not only that, he thinks his return is imminent based upon his recent performance. WHAT THE F23K? Like losing to Nick Diaz…

According to this interview, he has some inside info concerning a possible return to the UFC…over Dana White’s dead body. I don’t care how cool Lorenzo Fertita is, I don’t think he really wants to add paul Daley and his nonsense to the UFC. Plus, battling Dana White over Paul Daley isn’t good for business, I understand Lorenzo would have the last word, how would that look if Lorenzo publicly veto’s Dan White’s vote? It might lead to a loss of credibility for the face of the UFC, not a smart business move. We know the Fertitia’s are smart business people, very smart. I just don’t see this happening.

Then we git into Paul Daley’s reasons for a UFC return. His status as a top 10 welterweight. It’s not like he’s really at top 10, he’s not needed. Plus, to be a top 10 welterweight, you must make the actual weight class for your fights. That last sentence is very very important. VERY! His assertion that he’s an elite welterweight based upon losing to elite welterweights is ridiculous, even for Daley.

From Jonathan Shrager at Bleacher Report:

JS: Even though you’d prefer to withhold the specific details, it sounds pretty final. Is this the last time you’ll conceivably compete for BAMMA?

PD: I don’t see myself fighting for BAMMA again. However, if we come to agree on terms for BAMMA 8 in Nottingham then the title fight with Nate could be arranged. Obviously, my intention will be to triumph in becoming the BAMMA champion, at which juncture I’d be in a position to defend the title thereafter.For now however, my focus is on Ringside MMA in Montreal on Oct. 21. Moving forward, I just want to compete on the biggest stages against the biggest names possible, wherever that may be.

JS: Indeed, it would be immense. Okay, so moving on, I received a press release yesterday stating that you want to return to the UFC. When did this desire arise?

PD: I just figure that my consistently high performance levels are on a par with many of the elite welterweights within the UFC. I recently fought Nick Diaz for the Strikeforce welterweight title, and came close to finishing him in the first round. He subsequently is awarded an immediate title shot at GSP. Then there are rumours suggesting that Tyrone Woodley is moving over to the UFC. I’ve competed admirably against these dudes, and even though I haven’t quite emerged the victor, I know I’m constantly improving. I’ve made dramatic enhancements to my training regimen since being released by the UFC. My approach is much more considered. I see fighters like Jake Ellenberger, and I reckon that’d be a cracking matchup. There are lots of potentially great fights that await me in the UFC.

JS: Now, do you have a time frame in mind for a return to the UFC?

PD: I just firmly believe that my performances against high-calibre opponents warrant a place on the biggest stage, irrespective of what has happened in the past. I don’t have a definitive time frame in mind. I’m just putting the suggestion out there in the open. Arguably 2011’s most entertaining round of MMA There will always be fights for me because I’m entertaining and I always bring it. There will always be paycheques for me. But in all honesty, I would like a return to the UFC.

JS: For you to be publicly declaring an interest in returning to the UFC leads me to believe that the idea has been discussed. Has something been mentioned to you in passing? Has the UFC hinted at your return?

Jordan Radev is an MMA cyborg…not even multiple “Semtex” bombs could finish him PD: Haha, you’d be right. Whilst at UCMMA down in London the other weekend, I heard some mutterings from a couple of well-connected people within the MMA industry, which added credibility to their words. It wasn’t something I was expecting to hear, and it isn’t my sole focus right now. But if the possibility exists, then I might as well publicly express and confirm my interest. I’m not averse to the idea at all, I’m by no means anti-UFC, and I’d like to take the opportunity to return if the opportunity presented itself.

JS: You confirmed during our last interview that you’re cool with Lorenzo [Fertitta]. Is it likely to be Lorenzo rather than Dana that negotiates your return?

PD: I would think so, yes. As I said beforehand, I’ve had no sort of previous contact with Dana, so I imagine something would be negotiated with Joe Silva or Lorenzo.


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